Cassandra Moores,

I walk into the Pharmacy. There are two other girls are in there. I go up to the desk, where my phone starts buzzing.

"Hold on" I say to the woman. I look at the text.

I'm on your family. ner ner ner ner ner ner.


I text her back.


"Ehem. Sorry" I say. A few minutes pass. "Oh! Do I need to give you my prescription?"


"Oh" I dig in my pockets. "Ummm... I didn't bring it. I didn't know I would need it"

"Deary me. What did your mum tell you to say?"

"She said I should tell the pharmacist that I'm addicted to The Sims 3, and I that I have a general lack of intelligence" I say, trying to look smart.

"Oh, It's you again. Here you go" she hands me a piece of paper. 

"School, advised to start at Y3, and lots of homework. Computer games ban" I read aloud. One of the girls smirks. Damn my stupidity. I walk up to the one that doesn't react.

"I'm Cassie." I say. She blanks me. "Hello?"

"Oh, hi. I'm Rayley"

"Hey" I say to smirker "I'm Cassie"

"I know. You just said that. I'm Chancey"

"Hey Chancey"


"Hi" I mutter and then wonder off.

The End

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