The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy is where authors can get prescriptions from pharmacists whatever their symptom may be...

I walk down the aisle, eyeing the shelves of colourful medicine lined beside me and I reach the counter.

"Hi," I smile at the pharmacist, "I have a prescription." Then a five second silence where we just stand and stare at each other.

"Uh, so can I have it?" She asks, looking slightly blank.

"Oh yeah, yeah! Sure, sorry." I tug it out of my pocket and hands the crumpled piece of paper to her.

"Rayley Hetsworth, Treatment for Idleness?" I nod. "First time?" I nod again. She smirks. What's so funny? "Bear with me." She turns around and starts typing on the computer next to her at the speed of light. Boxes of lip balm sit on the counter so I pick one out to have a look. Cherry lip balm, nice. The printer buzzes and out comes a sheet of paper. She picks it up between her nails like it was a sheet of poop then drops it on the counter.

"Have fun!" Her fake smile superglued to her face.

"Bye," I answer. I take the paper and scan it fast.

'Treatment for Idleness...... School......half-an hour journey to and from school to be performed twice a day on foot.......five subjects every day.....two breaks day begins at clubs at lunch times encouraged....'

I look up from my sheet of terror as the shop door twinkles and another customer enters.

The End

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