The Person Wolfe Loves

Love is a drug. There can be no doubting that. It is intoxicating and overwhelming, you become dependent on it and when you lose it you get the withdrawals.

But back to the point, the person I love…

The person I love is beautiful beyond measure. Not just in appearance, but on the inside as a person too.  Makes the world more beautiful than imaginable. Takes away all the pain and misery and replaces it with warmth and joy. Is the best person I know.

The person I love has gorgeous green eyes, flecked with hazel. Has a cute nose. Has a stunning smile with perfect white teeth. Is fit, but not obsessed by weight. Has a strange sense of humour that not everyone understands.

The person I love is artistic. Creative. Has flair and vision. Is ambitious. Has drive. Has plans for everything. Isn’t afraid to try new things. Is adventurous and energetic. Is fearless.

The person I love is flawed, but is perfect to me.

To the person I love;

You are the reason why my eyes are red.

The End

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