The Person Stargazer Loves

A place to write everything about someone you love dearly, to show everyone how different and yet completely universal love is.

I fell in love with someone I can't have. 

This person is frustrating. Is not particularly beautiful to anyone else, but to me, is the most delicate, strong and beautiful person I have ever met. Is surprisingly amusing, even if sometimes it is at other people's expense. Is sometimes angry, hurtful and sharp. Is kind, thoughtful and creative. Is dedicated. Is loving. Is mad. Is utterly confounding. 

The person I love has the bluest eyes. Doesn't dress up much. Worries about weight. Has an odd nose that I adore. Has shaped nails that nearly always stay short. Has feet abused by constant use. Loves green. 

The person I love would prefer pets to children. Works all the time, but at something which brings pleasure and joy. Has a limited social life. Is terrible with technology. Never texts back, unless it's important. Hates Facebook. 

The person I love is sarcastic. Flies of the handle and moves on minutes later. Turns to other people to make faces or comments about someone else. Gets a heat mark along the neck when stressed or angry. 

The person I love makes me laugh. Smile. Dream. Wish. Cry. Is who I look forward to seeing each week. Is the person whose opinion I care about most. Is amazing, talented, intelligent and familiar. 

The person I love is flawed, and for those flaws, I love her all the more. 

The End

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