After a 20 minutes of silence I finally ask.

"Where are we really going dad?" I ask.

"Well I was heading to the hobby shop but then I decided why not a little father, son time."

"Okay but your not really talking."

"Thats the problem." He laughs then turns seriously," I used to work for the government you know."

"What doese that have to do with anything?"

"Well... I'm getting around to that. You see when I was in the government I actually used to deal with organizations."

"You weren't always an egineer?" I interupt him.

"No egineering is my hobby. Anyways there was this group of people named well... The people and they had abilities of all sorts..." I freeze remembering earlier today," I see I hit something huh?"

"Ya , What are you trying to get at... Dad?"

"Knowing this day and age people are going to want to put you in a lab and study you."

"So what are we doing then?"

"I don't know but the people always seemed to meet up and be in the genearal same area. I'm hoping I can find one the People and warn them about oncoming dangers. I might have to leave you."

"How would the government know about us if its random."

"They know about you since the day your where born."


"Lets just say about a series of test were done on you because you where born two months early and they had done series of test and found matching gene to one of the deceased people."

"Why am I not in a lab now then?"

"Because we promised we would hand you over when you began to develope powers. But I can't let that happen."

"How do you know..?" I trailed off.

"You know mom doesn't just sit at home you know?" He mutters turning right.

The End

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