Jeana - Stealth

     It had been dark for a long time by the time I got home.  Since my mom didn't know I had left at all, I was hoping she had gone to bed.  I peeked through a few windows before going inside just to be certain, but unfortunately there she was in the living room, reading a book.  I did have one stroke of luck, though - that one window was open, and she was facing the opposite direction.  Our doors weren't the quietest in the world, one scraped and the other squeaked.  Those were definitely not my best options.  As a kid, I'd always loved trying to sneak around with nobody noticing, being as quiet as possible.  After years of honing that skill, I felt pretty certain I could get through the window without my mom noticing…with one catch.  I cringed as I thought about it.  I had to try to deliberately become invisible again, something I had truly hoped I wouldn't have to do for a long time.  For a minute or two I debated whether or not it would be better to just walk in normally and let her find out I'd left.  Something held me back, though.  I assumed I just didn't want her to worry, but for some reason, it seemed to be more than that.  Something I couldn't quite pinpoint, but something I'd been contemplating during my long walk.  I'd have to sneak in.

     I shut my eyes tightly.  Focus, Jeana, I told myself sternly.  This new ability - or whatever it is - has to be something you can do at will.  Otherwise what's the point?  I tried to concentrate on vanishing, hoping desperately that it would work even though I didn't know how.  I noticed with some relief that I was beginning to panic just a little bit.  That ought to help.  After a few moments, I timidly opened my eyes.  An inward cheer immediately followed.  It had worked!  I couldn't see myself at all!

     Now for the easy part.  Stealth.  At least it should be easy, I had been honing this skill since I was  young - although I hadn't needed it for a while.  I almost chuckled to myself; this felt just like it did when I was a little kid.  It just had a new twist that made it even more exciting.  I cautiously slipped one leg over the windowsill and settled down so I was straddling it.  Then I slowly pulled the other leg through and slid gently to the floor.  Beautifully done, I congratulated myself.  My mom hadn't noticed a thing yet, and the window was riskier than anything else I had to do. 

     It's very strange to not be able to see yourself.  It's amazing how much we rely on sight and not just feel as we move.  Especially for a delicate operation like this one, it was a wonder I wasn't constantly tripping, not to mention just falling over when trying to climb silently through an open window!  Now that the window was behind me, I began creeping across the floor.  Then, horror of horrors, a floorboard creaked loudly under my foot.  I froze instinctively, watching my mother closely as she turned quickly to face me.  How could I have forgotten that stupid board?  It was always driving us crazy, as was evident by my mom's hard yet confused glare at the floor right under me.  After a few moments and a loud sigh, she turned back to her book.  The rest of the trip to my room was uneventful, though my heart was still pounding by the time I got there.  I took a few deep breaths to calm myself, and focused on becoming visible again.  Sure enough, it worked.  I was very pleased that it would apparently get easier with practice.

     I hadn't realized, though, how tired I was.  Who could blame me?  It had been a pretty stressful day after all.  Exhausted, I dropped onto my bed and curled up to sleep without even changing clothes.  I didn't fall asleep immediately because of all the thoughts and questions whirling around in my mind.  It was all…well, just plain crazy.  Insane.  What a strange day….  I ought to have interesting dreams tonight, I thought wryly.  Then I was asleep.

The End

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