Triana - Cold

Godssake. I shouldn't have said anything. I knew I shouldn't have said anything at the time, but what did I do?

I said something. Something incredibly stupid.

And then the girl just looked at me, stammered 'Um, sorry, I don't know what you're talking about' and scurried off, like I was contagious or something.

So now I'm outside, in the cold again. God, this wind is strong. And cold, too. I hunch up against it, and scuff the sidewalk with my sneaker.

Suddenly, I hear an explosion. Shock rips through me, and I whip round to see a car toppling towards a girl. Someone yells, but I don't pick it up. All I can feel is the terror of the girl. It paralyses my mind - a stab of orange fear.

And then something mad happens. Something truly, truly crazy that, for the second time this day, cannot be happening. I probably wouldn't have noticed it unless I could hear every thought that someone - a boy - is thinking. One minute, he was leaping out his car to run to the girl. The next, both he and the girl are safe on the other side of the road. I can feel her relief and shock. But more pressing is his confusion and adrenaline, pumping red into my eyes and blinding me. I don't get it. Not at all.

They stand there for a bit, and I almost go up to them.

No, I tell myself firmly. Not again. Not for the second time this day. Get a grip.

And for once, I listen to myself. They drive away. And all I feel is cold.

The End

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