Cassandra: Explosive Awakening

I had finally made it back home, even though my day had been rather eventful. First off, my dearest brother had decided that the best way to wake me up was scaring the living daylights right out of me, and then I barked angrily, probably telling him to bugger off. He didn't go anywhere, of course. He smiled kindly at me (though he had a mischievous glint in his eyes), practically mocking me with that crooked smile of his. What made matters worse that he told me that Bonny needed to go for a walk before locking himself in his studio again...for the umpteenth time this week! Because of Daniel and his need to be alone, I've been running around doing errands that he should be doing for the past week. I was 13, barely a teenager, and walking alone on the streets with a poodle and pepper spray for protection wasn't exactly safe in my eyes. But then again, Bonny had a nasty bite...

I had brushed my red hair quickly and grabbed by purse and keys then I was out the door with Bonny. While I was walking, a man bumped into in or more like shoved me out of the way; I yelled at him in rage, but he just ignored me and walked away. My temper was rising since my awakening, but I knew better not to go as far as through a tantrum in public so I took deep, calming breaths before returning to my stroll with Bonny who didn't seem to mind my little outburst very much.

Then someone jumped but...the man who jumped stopped in the air for a moment before making impact with the ground. Then I remembered a car stopping, though I couldn't care less at that moment. My arms went to grab Bonny in a hurry and I sprinted home with my dress flowing behind me; thankfully it wasn't a very short dress.

The moment I was home, and I found myself pacing and staring furiously at my brother's door. He was busy, I knew that, but the scene that had just occurred sent chills down my spine. I wasn't sure what happened to the man who jumped, but I ran away. Hovering in the air wasn't normal!

"Daniel, can you come out here?" My somewhat uneasy voice probably didn't matter to him or he couldn't hear me (Daniel usually had music blasting in his ears when he was painting). Oh, but I didn't care! My heart was beating faster and faster, and something in me-I don't know what-snapped. Actually I snapped my fingers, and I didn't know why I did it, I just did!

And then...BOOM!

There was a hole where my brother's door once was. The door, the doorway, and some of the wall were gone and there was hole and something like ash around the area of the explosion. Explosion? Did my brother's door just explode...?

Daniel was in shock, awe, or whatever expression it was, he was gaping and looked like he was trying to speak and so was I. Finally, my brother spoke, stuttering in amazement or shock, "C-C-Cassandra. W-what just happened?!"

I had no answer for him.

The End

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