Jack: Dad

"Hey Jack , mom giving you a hard time?" My dad asks so laid back.

" A bit, is something bugging her?" I ask.

"Tons of things Jack. Hey can you get me that box there." He points. I grab a red one amongst a pile of unorganized boxes.

"No the other one left!" I grabe the one beside, " No just a little forward. There you got it."

"Wouldn't be just easier if you got it yourself?" I hand the box to him.

"Perhaps." He says half focussed on me opening the box and taking out variouse hobby items.

"What are you going to make?"

" I think  I'm going to try to make a radio." He scratches his head, I'm gonna need.." He mumbles on now ignoring me.

My dad is a cool kinda dad pretty laid back , and calm except he is a bit distant from everyone. I'm not sure if he doese it by accident or is sorta of afraid of people. He works as a heavy engineer in some powerplant quite a drive from my house.

"So anything interesting Jack?"

" Uh, not really, just was hanging with a group of friends talked to a couple brainless girls."

"Where they cute?" My dad asks instantly.

" Wasn't really paying attention Ian, and Mike like them."

" I see. Anything else?"

"Really windy at the park, thats about it." He turns around giving me the  cocked I brow.


"Yeah." Why is this peaking his interest?

"I'm gonna go out to get some magnetic coil. Do you want to come?"

" Uh sure."

He opens the garage and takes a cover off of a corvette his most treasured item, atleast thats what I see.

"We are riding in luxury today." He says with a grin.  We both get in and he turns right the exact opposite way of the hobbie shop. I was gonna ask but maybe he knows a better place.

The End

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