Sophia: Grace and Seth

I didn't expect them to even turn up, never mind so early. They could have chosen a better time. Still, they didn't know my dad.

"I'll get it" Dad slurred as he slid off his chair when the bell rang.

"Uh, no, Dad, it's fine! Really! Why don't you go back to watching football?" at this point, I didn't know it was them. I just didn't want my dad answering the door when he was this drunk. 

"Mhn" he turned the telly up. I shook my head and opened the back door, wondering how whoever it was knew not to use the front door.

"Hi. Oh! Hi, come in!"

"Umm, hi" the boy said. The girl didn't say anything.

"OK, well, I'm Sophia. You're Grace and Seth, right?"

"Yeah, how'd you know that?"

"It's complicated. Why don't  you come up to my room?" they followed me upstairs where I sat on my giant beanbag, Grace sat on my bed and Seth sat on the chair at my desk. 

"OK. You said something about weird stuff, what happened to you?" Grace said.

"Well, I've been... for lack of a better explanation, knowing things for the past three years" I sighed. 

"Knowing things? I stop someone from killing themselves and you think knowing things is weird?"

"I-" I sucked in a breath as a huge burst of pain came on "How d'you think I know your names and where you live? Anyway, I know that you have powers and that you're part of this legend..." I paused and put a finger to my lips (what I always did when I was thinking about something) for a few seconds. "That's strange, no pain. The legend is about this group of people called, well, called the People. Uhhmmm, there are actually quite a lot of people in it... twenty. Me and you two are in it... actually, I was wondering if you knew anything about it"

The End

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