Grace: First Freak Out

“Do you know anyone called Sophia?” I asked Seth, walking into the dining hall.

“No, why? Was she the one at the door?”

 “Yeah and she said it was quite important to see you. She gave me her address and wants you to drop by. Seems like something’s weird’s been going on to her too.”

 Seth didn’t look a bit interested in what I’d just said to him. He was lost in his own web of thoughts to care.

 “What’s going on?” I muttered, sitting down next to him. “I mean, just a few seconds ago, I had done something impossible as if I had supernatural powers or something. That stuff only happens on TV. And you’re acting all weird too…did something happen?”

 “You have no idea…”



I’m not normally the type to freak out. I take things coolly, even when they’re the most shocking of all news ever to be told. But when Seth told me what had happened, I completely blew up for what seemed like the first time in my life.

 “Are you kidding me?! That actually happened to you too!!!”

My reaction towards everything didn’t seem to help at all. Seth looked more miserable then I’d ever seen him and I decided to act more sensible and calm.

“Okay…best thing to do is to go and see that girl, Sophia. I think she knows what’s going on. Better safe then sorry. Better knowing what we’re capable of then doing something reckless. Come on let’s go.”

That’s how I found myself driving over to a girl’s house; not knowing that she was going to reveal something to me that would do more then just freak me out; it’d change my life.

The End

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