I walk home after pointless talk with the brainless superficial girls who were just trying to see how much money Ian, and mike had to spend. Which wasn't much since there love for sports , and games overwrote the need for girls.. for now.  As I twist the beaten down doorknob of the front door.

"Your home.Good. Clean your room!" My moms says angrily, this isn't usual of her to act like this.

"But mo.."

"Do it now Jack, I'm warning you!"She looks straight into my eye scareing every ounce of resistance out of me.

"Yes mom." I cower and obey. I wonder what went up her nose?

It doesn't take me long to finish my room and come down the steps. I head toward the T.V room.

"Jack. Don't you dare go find your dad in the garage help him with whatever he wants you to do!Now!" She yells from the kitchen.

"Fine , but seriously whats up mom you not usally like this."

" I wouldn't have to be if..." She mumbles on. I head downstaris wondering what was going with my parents, and me?

The End

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