Sophia: Awkward...

Oh for god's sake, I know this is the right house. You've - ow! - told me enough times I thought as I got another image of the house I was standing in front of, and another burst of pain.

I knocked on the door and waited for a few minutes. A girl who looked about my age answered it. She was wearing all black. She had red hair in a loose bun and she eyed me suspiciously. Yes, definitely the girl from earlier. 

"Who are you?" she asks. 

"Um, hi. I'm Sophia. Ummm..." I stopped. What could I say? 'I'm Sophia, your brother almost ran me over earlier today. Oh, and I just got told by a headache that you have powers, and that you're part of this legend that I don't know about. Oh, and also it told me where you live. Isn't it strange?' No. I gritted my teeth to hold in a gasp. "I think it's your brother I need to talk to"

"He's not in"

"It's important"

"He's not in"

"Fine. I'll talk to you. Did anything strange happen to you today?"

"No... well, yes. But what's it got to do with you?"

I sighed. "Strange things have been happening to me for the past few years."

"So?" she looked bored.

"You know what? Let me leave a message for your brother. Here's my name and address. Tell him to come round as soon as possible. It's urgent" I handed her a piece of paper. She put it in her pocket. A few minutes went by where no-one said anything. Awkward. "I better go. Tell your brother."

"Alright, bye" and she shut the door. Well, that could've gone better.

The End

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