Seth: Time Will Tell...

I can’t really define how it exactly happened. But it happened nonetheless. Out of all the days for something to occur it had to be today. Skidding to a halt in front of the restaurant, I saw Grace standing still near the pavement.

 There was a huge crowd on the opposite side of the road but I didn’t have any curiosity as to find out what was happening. My mind was set on one thing only. Frustrated, I called out to her, “Grace, get in right now.” 

Grace, to my great surprise, remained silent throughout the drive. That helped me. I usually never have to strain myself to find an answer to my questions. Being valedictorian, as well as the Football team quarterback, I often had my way with things. But this time was different.

We reached home within a few minutes, and I brought the Jag to a stop near the garage. Grace got out and proceeded towards the front steps, but I remained in my seat. “Seth! You coming in or not?” she called out to me as she reached the front door. “Yeah, I will be there. Just give me a minute!” I replied. 

It had happened when I was out visiting Elle. We had been planning for a movie for so many days to come. And I finally got my chance to take her out after what seemed an eternity. Had been dating for 3 years to come, and we were hoping that things would stay permanent. One reason to why we both picked the same universities. 

Taking a park on the opposite side of the road I had waited for her. The Hawthornes had a beautiful mansion near the outskirts of the city, across the bridge. Less traffic, and more silence. Sending her a quick message, “Elle, I’m here. Let’s go!!” I leaned back on the hood of my Jag waiting. She came out within a few minutes, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne, who shouted out greetings, “Hey Seth! How are your parents?” “They are fine Mr. Hawthorne.” “You better take good care of her for tonight, Seth!!” “Sure, Mrs. Hawthorne, I’ll protect her with my life.” 

Waving to me excitedly,  Elle left the company of her parents, and walked over. It was the weekend and as such, there were more people driving in through the bridge and a little bit of traffic. Elle slowly came down the road, taking good precautionary measures. I smiled at her as she came walking by. And that was when it happened. 

One of the approaching cars’ tires exploded. And as I watched, the car tipped over and stumbled towards Elle without halt. I saw Elle’s eyes open wide in terror. “Elle!!! Watch out!!” I shouted, and within moments rushed to save her somehow, though I knew that we would both die. Mr. Hawthorne and Mrs. Hawthorne’s vague voices vanished from my mind…and all of a sudden, as I ran, I saw the time continuum come to a halt. The car was inches away from her, yet I already held Elle in my arms as I pushed her away from near death…and within a few seconds, I found her holding tightly onto my chest both of us having rolled out of the oncoming carnage. “Seth…are you ok?” said Elle. “I’m fine Elle. Are you hurt?” I replied…It was only minutes later I left Elle at her house, and picked up Grace…I still hadn’t told anyone. But I couldn’t deny, I was afraid. What was happening to me?


The End

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