Jack: what

I stood there my hand outstretched, and amazed that I had stopped the wind. Or was it coincedence? I swung urging a strong breeze of wind to come by. It doesn't, I looked down on the ground, how silly of me to believe I could controll the wind. I looked at my friends who were wondering where did the amazing breeze go.

"He.." Suddenly a major gust of wind blows by knocking us all over with its mass.

They began to laugh but I began to question myself, was that me? I try agian not wish for so much wind , and well a nice gentle breeze came by. I smiled but at the same time I worried , this isn't normal , and usuall people who aren't normal aren't treated well.

" Come one Jack, Lisa and courtney should be over there in the trees." Ian says, I sigh. I'll expirement and worry in secret later.

The End

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