Amy Hindle

My parents always ask me, "Do you have no shame?!" Now, how am I supposed to tell them "No, I don't!" So I simply put on my pouting face, and look all sweet and innocent. I can't believe they still fall for that crap!

They held my report card in their hands. It wasn't the grades that were too bad, they seemed ok, it was the attendance record. Out of two hundred odd working days, I had been absent for one hundred and fifty. Oh well. They couldn't do crap about it. They could yell and scream, and ground me, but that was it. In fact, they probably couldn't ground me either. You see there was just one little mistake on my attendance record, out of those two hunded odd days.....I hadn't been present for one full day.  

It's rather funny, in school, they literally chase me out, without even realizing it's me they're chasing! All I have to do is....well....make myself look somewhat, *ahem* different, like I'm a  stray cat or dog or something, and it's bye bye school, hello outside world!!

Well, you see, ever since I was a little girl, I could do  rather.....extraordinary things. I could ...well....imitate an animal extremely accurately, so accurately in fact, that some may call it, Shape shifting. Oh well, I guess you can call it a gift.


The End

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