I could still hear feet running behind me as I sprinted through the deserted school halls.  I was getting out of breath.  Why couldn't I be born more athletic? I thought hopelessly.  More stamina would be handy right now.  Or I could just be less of a wimp....

     I was only being pursued by the school bullies, but I couldn't take their usual teasing today.  I don't know why.  Usually I could stand it - it was a normal thing by this time and it was rarely physical - but today when I came out of the library after some extra studying and saw them waiting for me, something snapped inside me.  I couldn't just stand there and listen to them, but I certainly couldn't fight back.  I only had one option: to run. 

     I knew that it was a futile effort as soon as I started.  I just wanted to find another person, preferably a teacher, or even just a good place to hide so I could rest.  Why isn't there anyone here?  We can't possibly be the only ones left in the school!  I was forced to opt for a hiding place.  At long last, I finally spotted an open door to my right.  Without hesitating I ran in before they turned the corner behind me.  It was a bad choice; there were NO places to even partially hide myself.  I stopped and listened for a moment, the footsteps behind me had slowed to a walk.  They knew I had to be in a nearby room.  Without much hope I moved to a shadowed spot that wouldn't be immediately visible from the door.

     Before ten seconds had passed, I saw the leader of the gang of bullies come in.  Her name is Kathryn - her appearance always deceived those who didn't know her.  She was fairly small, like me, and very pretty in an angelic sort of way.  On the outside she seemed perfectly sweet.  On the inside...well, let's just say she's horrible.  As she turned, scanning the room with her disgustingly beautiful eyes, I could see the familiar smirk on her face.  I was certain that she would be able to hear me before she saw me, I was breathing so hard.  But to my utter amazement, her eyes passed right over me.  Surely she'd seen me, she looked straight at me!  But her eyes didn't focus on me, and I saw a flicker of disappointment cross her face, as if she hadn't seen me at all.  She looked around the room a bit more before leaving, as I thought frantically to figure out what it meant.  As I thought, I looked down - and realized that I couldn't see anything where my body should be.  I couldn't see myself at all.  Despite the circumstances, I let out a gasp - who wouldn't? - and then cringed as she whirled around to face me.  Again, she couldn't see me.  I quickly shut my eyes and waited for her to leave.

     Surely it was my imagination.  I got lucky, she didn't see me....  Not being able to see myself was just wishful thinking, right?  As I slowly opened my eyes and looked again, it seemed like there was only air between my eyes and the floor.  How was it possible?  How could I possibly be invisible?  That only happens in stories!  Even worse, assuming it wasn't my imagination, I didn't know how I had done it or if something had done it to me...or how to become visible again.  Shoot.  Now what was I supposed to do?

The End

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