Sophia: How Strange...

As I crossed the road, on the way home from school, a car screeched to a halt right in front of me. I almost got run over. However, the guy inside the car didb't even look at me. Instead, he looked into the eyes of the girl on the pavement.

"We need to talk" he said. I decided that I didn't want to listen in on this concversation, and was just about to turn away when...

"Ouch!" I yelled, slamming my hand into my forehead. "Ow"

The car sped off down the road, actually leaving tyre marks as it turned the corner.  More importantly, I'd just ... 'learnt' that that guy and the girl and me were all part of this legend that I didn't even know about. In fact, I only knew we were part of a legend, not anything about the legend at all. But it was so painful that I knew I had to act on it. The only problem was I didn't know where... powers. Powers? POWERS? I had no idea where that had come from. Well, I had to find out who those people were and where they lived and if they knew about this legend.

The End

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