"How may I help you?" I asked, with a smile to the short, plump woman who had entered the restaurant.

"I'd like tables for a group of ten. They should be joined together and-"

Blablabla. That's how three and a half hours of my evening, everyday goes for me now. I work part-time receptionist/waitress in a small restaurant in the city. I don't find this job quite thrilling except for the occasional yells I get from the manager for certain mistakes I make; which isn't exactly a "thrill".

After making the reservation for the women I sat back down on my chair, completely and utterly bored; sighing deeply. I still had a half hour left before I could get off my shift. It didn't seem like that half hour was going to go any faster then it already was.




Yes! I thought to myself with a whoop inside my mind as I stepped outside the restaurant and into the busy city. I'm finally free! I walked over to the parking lot and leaned against the wall and waited for my ride to show up. Seth, my elder brother was supposed to show up in a few seconds. He picked me up everyday but sometimes it got a little late because of traffic which didn't exactly tick me off like how it should.

I was looking around at nothing particularly when I noticed him. On top of the 20 floored [TALL] building opposite the restaurant was a man. He was standing quite close to the edge of the building and was taking off his jacket, letting it go and watching it fall slowly to the ground. I stared at him, horrified. It looked like he was going to commit suicide! I should do something!!

Just as I thought that, he jumped off the building. He was falling quite fast, passing each floor in split seconds. My brain froze in shock but just as he was about to hit the ground I let out a scream


The force of the fall stopped in an abrupt jerk and he floated in the air for a few seconds and then landed on the ground softly. I blinked unbelievably, my heart pounding fast. I was gasping for breath as if I'd just run a mile. The man in front of me who was supposed to be street pizza was instead healthy and alive. He looked up at me, fear, shock and awe mixed in his eyes and stuttered, "How-how did you- how did you do that?" I stared back at him, my body starting to tremble.

Seth's car came skidding in front of me and he stared at me, his eyes devoid of any emotion as he spoke to me.

 "We need to talk."

The End

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