In my room my stereo volume controller cranked to full pitch, my friends and I sitting on variouse furniture playing a few games mostly ranging from guitar hero , a shoot em up, and soul calibur.

"Jaaaaack!" My mom scream over the music.

" Okay!" I turn the volume down to a more reasonable noise. I rub my ears realizing that I had it on way to loud.

"Thank you!"  my mom says. I turn back to the T.V screen.

"Hey lets go outside." Ian says.

" Sure this is getting a bit boring." I say before anyone disagrees, everyone gets up afterwards. Thats one of the greatest things about being looked up at because what you say usually happens and you don't end up doing something boring.  As soon as I opened the door a blast of ocean cooled air cooled me down.  Its funny how much I know about air natuarally comes to me,  I always thought it was natural common knowledge until one science class about condensation,  convection currents , and our atmosphere. Still I never really questioned myself about it assuming all my peers are stupid.

"So do you guys feel like biking, skate park, or just the park?" I said willing do any of those things.

" Lets head to the park!" Mike says, and Ian say a little over excited.

" You two seem a little to excited about that." I say. 

" Well there are these two..." I knew the ending .... Girls. One thing I have to say my peers also have a one track mind.  Sure girls are cool, and everything but to have them consume all of your times is a little much. At the park the wind seemed be growing stronger people where walking away , stuggling to stay on there feet.

"Coo!" Ian says, jumping and getting caught in the wind and getting blown back a bit. I luaghed and he was acting like a little kid yet where was the problem in that. outstretched my hand and wondered how cool it would be if i could stop the wind, then it happened.

The End

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