The People

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About a hundred years ago, a group of people were found to have powers. Instead of this being looked on as a good thing, they were announced to be a new breed of witches. Even the males. Upon testing, the power of one of the 'witches' enabled them to be saved from drowning. When people tried to burn them at a stake, the power that one of them possessed enabled them not to be burned. Whatever the people tried, the 'witches' always survived.

So then people decided that the 'witches' were meant to be here, and were not witches at all, but angels. Everyone tried to get forgiven for trying to kill the 'angels', but the 'angels' did not accept. The 'angel' who had saved them from drowning said 'we don't want to be apologised to, however we cannot forgive an attempt of murder. We are not witches, and do not appreciate the fact that we'd have to die to prove that. We are not angels, and we don't want to be apologised to' then the 'angel' who had saved them from the fire said 'we do not want to be seen as higher or lower than you just because we are different. It's not our fault that we can do the things we can'. Then, with tears in her eyes, the youngest 'angel', who was only eight years old, said 'we just want to be seen as ordinary people'

So then people felt sorry for them, and renamed them the Ordinary People. But people in the 1950's misunderstood, and assumed that you were meant to have powers, and if you didn't you were considered 'unordinary'.

So then the 'Ordinary People' were renamed the 'Extraordinary People', but somebody soon realized that they wanted to be seen as ordinary. That person decided that these people deserved a name, but they were, after all, just people. And so they were renamed the People.

It is still said today that the People exist. Every group of People consisted of ten males and ten females. Every person in the group had a different power. There can be no two groups of People. Only one group can exist at one time.

The End

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