That Was Strange

I did it again. I said his name again!

Frustrated, I slam my hand on the table and hear myself begin to hum in an effort to calm myself down.

"Minnie, are you okay?" One carer asks, rushing over to me.

Unable to speak, I find myself continuing to get worked up. Sometimes I just wish my body could be mine again.

"Do you want to go back to your room then?" He pursues, placing one arm under mine and lifting me up slowly.

Again I cannot respond, but my body does something unusual...

Instead of avoiding his touch, my body lets him guide me to my room. Never has my body let anyone touch me, since regaining my conscience the first night I was here. It would always react through hitting and swatting. Then again, this particular carer has always been kind to me, so I suppose I've let my guard down a little. Perhaps I might remember something one day.

Regardless, he takes me to my room, and sits me on my bed.

"Here you go, Minnie." He says politely before exiting through the open door.

"Thank you Laszlo" I hear myself say, before being hit with a sharp pain and a flash.

I almost cry out as I see the image before my eyes. A young man is standing before me, with what seems to be a brick room in the background. No. Wait. I'm in the room, against a wall and he is standing at the doorway.

He is tall with short brown hair, and blue eyes. His smile is beautiful, but his eyes are cold. He says something to me but I cannot make out what it is. Suddenly he's turning around and walking away.

"Wait" I hear my own voice call out, but it is too late.

The man and the room are gone, and I find myself curled on my bed with several carers mopping puke and wiping blood from my face. 

The End

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