'Princess' Harriet - Don't Touch Him

I was hungry yet I wasn't allowed food. What was it with these people having such disrespect for their Princess. "M'lady, you need to be calm. You know you'll be rescued by your father soon"

"I should hope so, Daniel. I can't believe I'm here in the first place"

"Who are you talking to?" a girl next to me asked. I didn't know here name but I knew she was one of the common people and her humming was incredibly annoying.

"My partner, Daniel" I told her.

"Where?" she asked looking around me. "Or are you playing a joke on me like Lazlo over there"

She gestured over at a servant who I knew wasn't at all called Lazlo. "Joke?" I said annoyed wrapping my arms around Daniel. "He's right here" The girl stared right through Daniel then tried to reach out and touch him. I smacked her. "Don't touch him he's mine!"

That drew the attention of the servants who rushed over and pulled me away for my protection. "Calm, Harriet" he said causing my face to break out in shock. How dare he use my name? How dare a servant use my name? He saw my horror and coughed awkwardly. "I mean, your highness. Sorry, my tongue slipped"

"I should hope so! Now take me to my room" I yelled and soon found myself escorted there. Once I got in I paced angrily.

"M'lady calm down" Daniel said perching on my bed and watching me with concerned eyes.

"She tried to touch you!" I squeaked. "A women tried to touch you"

"She probably didn't know who you were" Daniel suggested.

I laughed harshly. If she didn't know that she wasn't just an idiot but as thick as wood. "She must have no brain at all to not know me" I snapped before sitting in Daniel's lap. His arms folded around me and his lips pressed onto my neck.

He pulled my hair back from my neck and started to kiss it more. "Of course she is. To not know you is to not know the truth and beauty of life" he said flattering me.

It worked of course and I broke out in a big grin. "Oh, Daniel. What would I do without you?" I asked feeling his hands snake up under my top.

"Be incredibly bored, m'lady" he teased moving quickly so I was suddenly on the mattress beneath him. "But you're not going to be cause I will never leave you" I smiled feeling warmth bloomed in my chest. 

He was such a wonderful man. Perfect in every way.

The End

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