'Princess' Harriet George

"Daniel, stop!" I giggled. "People are staring" 

"Then let then" he smiled kissing me again. I push him back flushing but giving him a look. He sighed shaking his head but still smiling at me. "Sorry, m'lady"

I giggled. "Hey, Harriet" a voice said and I ignored it. "Highness"

I turned and smiled. "Oh hello, Ezmeralda. I didn't see you there" I say shifting so I faced her. "I was just messing around with Daniel here before we go for our shower"

"Princess Harriet" the servant with the list called.

"Oh that's me" I said standing kissing Daniel on the cheek. "I will only be a few" I couldn't stop the giggle before I turned and headed over to the servant. "Is it my shower time then?"

"Yes" the man sighed gesturing me to go in. I stood there though arms folded as I waited. He looked at me and sighed. "Yes, Princess, its your turn. Please head in"

"As it should be. I could have you beaten for such familiarity towards me" I snap then stride into the shower room where I am given a towel and a cubicle in which to shower. I couldn't believe my father would send me to such a place to experience common life.

I didn't want common life. I wanted the fabulous life that a Princess should have not this dingy little place. Everyone was weird. Common and some even disrespected Daniel by acting as if he wasn't there! The nerve of them. I showered quickly eager to get back to Daniel but when I turned he was there in the shower with me.

"Daniel!" I squeaked. "What are you doing here? This is improper!"

His arm folded round me pulling me to him as he scattered kisses over my neck. "I don't care. It's so hard to be away from you. Besides we're already lovers so what's the problem"

"Hush" I said worried at how he was being so loud. "No one is allowed to know that. You know what a scandal it would be if anyone knew"

"Are you okay in their, Princess?" one of the servants asked.

"I'm fine!" I called shakily as Daniel rubbed my hips and kissed me once I had finished speaking. I heard the servant retreat and pulled out of Daniel's embrace. "Enough, I'm serious, Daniel. This is improper. You will see me later"

He sighed but bowed. "As you wish, m'lady" he said then slipped out. I shook my head turning off the shower and dressing.

When I passed the servant man organising the shower's I stopped. "You should be careful of who you let in. I told you. Daniel is not allowed in when I shower"

He gaped at me for a moment lost for words so I strode of not wanting to wait till he found them.

The End

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