Ezmeralda Miller

Welcome to Pathways insane asylum, for those who embrace the extreme side of normality. Please wander in at your leisure, but don't expect to leave soon after.

"All right, shower time, people!" The Carer shouted into the den.

Carer... what a strange title for someone who doesn't really care. 

He started reeling off names and as he did so he wrote something on his paper when the person walked past.

"Hey, what are you writing?" I scooted up to him, trying to look at the notes. Obviously, I couldn't actually see because he was quite a lot taller than me.  After all, I only just scraped average height for a girl of my age.

"Ezmeralda, please sit down. You may have your turn when it comes."

"No, I know when my turn is. I want to know what you;re writing. Obviously you got confused."

He sighed and showed me the paper. It was just a register.

"Oh... Well, at least I know now," I shrugged cheerily and sat back down on a bean bag near a boy. He turned up last year. He was the only person so far who actually had a medical illness. "Did you know it was a register?" I asked him.

He nodded.

"Oh," I giggled. "I guess it's just me, then. I suppose the fairies enchanted my brain. It'll wear off soon."

Then the Carer left the room.

I walked over to where Harriet sat, surrounded by pillows, chatting to someone. I never knew who she was talking to, but I never asked either. Obviously, she was friends with a fairy, because everyone knows they can turn invisible. Or maybe a ghost... hmm...

The End

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