Another howl tore through the air, bringing both of our muzzles up. We instinctivly recognised it as one of our own.

Three? ...Russell..

I huffed and turned, wanting to get away from this situation. Unfortunately my path was blocked by a white wolf, whos eyes, also level with mine, were a familiar peircing blue. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. We all started to circle, not entirely sure what to make of each other. Bloodlust was reflected in three pairs of eyes, barely reigned in by intelligence. The white wolf, Russell, lifted his muzzle, letting off a howl. Moments later, two more voices joined his. We stopped circling and faced each other. Eventually, we all broke off, unnerved.

I spent the rest of the night as I had planned and returned home. I kept a low profile during the following day, avoiding Russell and Jared mainly. It was with great reluctance that I went to work the next day. Russell was in his usual corner by the time I got there. He gave me a meaningful look as I passed. I ignored him, feeling a blush creep across my cheeks. I was in my usual uniform, a deep green tank top and black skinny jeans. I kept myself busy at the opposite end of the bar, talking brightly to a new face, Flarus. He was funny and I found it easy to talk to him. I could feel Russell's eyes on me the entire time as I went up and down the bar.

"Hey, Elin?" The other bartender, Matt, caught my arm as I passed him.

"Yeah? Whats up?" I smiled at him, a drink in each hand.

"That guy," he nodded at Russell, "Has been staring at you the entire evening-do you know him or something 'cause he's starting to give me the creeps."

I sighed. "I kinda know him..hes a regular."

"Yeah, but he ain't so regular if you catch my meaning." Matt replied, touching the side of his head meaningfully. I laughed.

"He's harmless, really." I gave him my most winning smile "A puppy once you know him."

"If you say so Elin" Matt grinned reluctantly back, as I winked and carried on serving the drinks. When there was finally a lull in the orders, I went over to Russell.

"You'll scare away customers if you keep glaring like that." I said in a low voice, braver than I felt. He fixed me with his peircing eyes.

"Think we would have all scared one or two people last night." Jared chimed, appearing by Russell.

I remained silent, waiting to see what the others would say.

The End

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