Russell: Time


This time on a full moon always sucked. 

I stumbled outside my vision blurred. I hit the ground hard, writhing on the floor.

Come on Russell. Keep strong...I think over and over. 

But its too much. The wolf inside me has awakened, and there is nothing I can do about it. My fur slithers up my legs like a snake. I tear at my clothes as the fur desperately tries to escape my clothing. 

" It's nearly over Russ " I whisper to myself letting the final changes take place. I look round at my back, seeing the yellow streaks appear always scared me.

With the transformation complete, I give myself a quick check over, to make sure I was  not hurt. I stare at the torn and tattered remains of my clothes.

 "Damn those were my best" I sigh.

A low pitched howl erupted from my mouth as I let of some of my vented anger. The howl rang through the air for what seemed like minutes.

I began to sprint towards the wood. Eager to hunt,kill,and destroy. I had nothing to worry about now my transformation was complete, No one would recognise me around here, because I was silent when I killed. The only way to recognise me was the yellow streaks on my back.

But the only people who had seen them...Well lets say that they never saw the next day...

The End

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