It was the roar that brought my attention to it. The moon was so strong tonight. Tomorrow, I would not have any control and the change would be forced on me. Tonight, I just hoped that no one annoyed me-for their sake. I sprinted, the fading echoes of the roar calling to the wolf inside me. It itched to be free to run, to hunt, to kill. The internal struggle brought a cold sweat to my brow. I burst through a group of trees and stopped dead.

The wolf stood at shoulder height to me-and I was slightly taller than average. The fur was jet-black and the wind stirred through. A chilling growl caused the hairs on the back of my neck to rise slowly. I was getting hotter and shaking. This was not an ordinary wolf. The brilliant blue eyes reflected the moonlight, fixing me with an intelligent, but bloodthirsty glare. Their shade brought to mind someone else. I shook my head quickly, feeling my control weaken.

Stay calm, stay calm.. I chanted over and over in my head.

The eyes, the tone of the howl, the exact shade of the fur. "Jared?" My voice came out shakily. "Jared, its me, its Elin."

The growl that wound its way around us was clearly not one of welcome. Jared settled into a hunting crouch. Mentally I cursed. My vision was becoming sharper and being this close to another werewolf was wrecking my control. I swore. If I ran, Jared would chase me. If I didn't he would see me change. My secret would be out and I would have to leave again.

Another, new howl sounded close by. Jared looked towards it and I cursed again, pain gripping me in white-hot waves. The harder I fought, the more this hurt and another wolf so close by had wrecked the last of my control. I felt my human form disintegrate into a she-wolf. My sides heaving, I met Jared's eyes, which were now level with my own. We stared at each other, waiting for someone to make a move.

The End

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