Jared: Well...

Russell left, leaving Elin and I to talk. I sat down on a rock and watched Elin do the same thing. Suddenly, I felt a familiar uncomfortable feeling erupt inside me, shooting through my veins to my core, anticipating the bursting out of a which was yearning for release.

 I shook my head to stall the feeling just long enough for me to get away.

 "I have to go. See you later." I said, almost running into the dark safety of the forest. I went from trudging deeper into the dark abyss, to crawling painfully. Suddenly, the fire ripped out of my body, and fur formed under my skin, growing to rip the skin off, as if it was just wrapping paper.

 Black fur now covered me, and all of my teeth were canine. I had icy-blue eyes which were the only was someone could notice me if they saw me here in the darkness...two bright blue eyes, wincing in pain and anger. I concluded the change with a deep, throaty roar. 

The End

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