So there we stood. Sizing each other up with cautiousness. Jared seemed to be slightly broader than me. But I had the height.

" I guess I'll be going. I'm more of a solitary person believe it or not " I lie. That Jared gives me the creeps. I turn leaving the pair to chat.

It was almost midnight by the time I reached my cabin. I lived right on the outskirts of town on my own. It was the way I liked it. Quiet and Isolated. The door opened with a slight groan. The living room looked just how I had left it. Messy and unordered, Just how I liked it.

I slouched down onto my beanbag. A curious thought crossing my head as I rummaged for around for a can of coca-cola. I waited patiently, The moon would be out soon. But the thought stuck like a fly to fly paper.

" Who is Jared James?"... 

The End

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