Don't Worry

"Who's there?" she yelped when I made a noise. Though it was purposefully, My heart stopped when she whirled around to see my face. She breathed an anxious sigh.

 "It's just me. Relax." I arched my eyebrows as I said it. She let out another sigh, this one relieved. 

 "You're Jared James, aren't you?" she asked. I nodded.

 "Yeah. You're-"


 "Elin... Nice to meet you." I said, holding out my hand. She took it meekly.

 "Hello?" someone said from the darkness. A boy walked out. He had silver eyes, white hair, and a nervous look on his face.

 "And you're Russell?" she said as he walked into the light. Russell nodded.

 "You're Elin, but you are..." He said, gesturing to me.

 "Jared James."

The End

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