It was a couple of days before the full moon and I was getting a little anxious. In a town like this, things rarely went unnoticed and I didn't want to start attracting attention again. I wasn't sure how things would go here, I hadn't been here long enough to know the area.

I was slightly more aware of the people in the pub tonight, using my sharper senses to listen to anything I might be able to use. It was because of this I noticed Russell again. He had come in a few times and there were rumors that, despite being about the same age as me, he was running from trouble. His white hair and silver eyes made him striking to look at and I smiled at him as I went to take his order.

"Well hey there." I flashed him a smile as he put in his usual order. For some reason, his eyes lingered on my bared shoulder, where my tatoo was. Tonight, I had a deep green vest top that showed my figure and black skinny jeans with leather boots on. A studded belt was slung low on my hips to deter wandering hands. A lot of the male attention had been directed my way. I mainly ignored it but something in Russell's gaze made me hold his eye contact as I flipped my hair to cover the tatoo. I smiled a little less brightly and went to serve some of the other customers, mildly unnerved.

Another regular was sat in one corner of the bar. His eyes also followed me as I went along the bar, slightly narrowed, as though he had seen something that meant a lot to him. I suddenly felt like I had a spotlight on me. Jared James, as I learned he was called, swept his hair from his eyes and beckoned me over.

"What can I get you?" I said, my usual smile in place. He placed an order in a low voice and I passed it on to the other barman. There was something in his eyes that reminded me of Russell. I didn't like it.

After my shift, I went for a wander around the town. It was quiet and the night air was cool as a breeze shifted the dying leaves. It was late autumn, one of the toughest times of the year for a wolf. It became harder and harder to hide our activities as snow and ice settled in.

The moon's effect was strong tonight and I was feeling hot all over. When the time came that the change was forced on me my skin would burn as though flames were underneath and I would shake violently. I would collapse and my human form would shimmer out of sight, replaced by a large wolf, who's fur was a deep red-brown and eyes that were a brilliant, intelligent green. I just hoped that I would be able to control it long enough to get away from the pub; I would have to be working when the full moon rose.

A noise from behind interrupted my thoughts.

"Who's there?!" I yelled, spinning round.

The End

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