Jared James

I hated this time of the month. It was like something was always on the verge of ripping out of me. I don't know if any other wolves felt this, but I did. I was born this way, and the wolf tattoo that burned my back at the full moon was my burden.

 My hair was black, and so was my fur. Jet black. My eyes were piercing and blue, and they were framed by long eyelashes. I didn't fit in, but the girls' attention had just started to kick in before I had to move. My hair was quite long, but dead straight -though I swept it across my forehead to keep it out of my eyes. I was just above average height, and -as was the same with most...people like me- I was quite muscular.

 Being seventeen, I had just finished sixth form back at my old school, and I wanted a new life, since my last one was so messed up, so I moved here.

 I had been finding myself in the Odd House Tavern a lot lately, but I didn't normally interact much. I just sort of sat there brooding. At least it wasn't the full moon just yet...

The End

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