I stare up at the sky, the moon was nearly full. The Wolf tattoo burns bright yellow on my back. It means it will soon be time to change.

To the sleepy town, I was Russell, The bad boy. I'de been kicked out of school, broke all the rules. picked on the runts of the town who dared call themselves wolves. All the girls loved me, except the girl who worked in the Odd House Tavern. She didn't strike me a social person.

My looks made the girls swoon. Eighteen. Athletic built boy with stark white hair and silver pools for eyes. I was typically seen around the town sporting tight grey skinny jeans, hightops, and a suit jacket.

The only thing I wasn't keen about showing any girl or person was the mark. Yes that dreaded mark, Its a pain. Every full moon I change from handsome bad boy to well you've probably guessed bad boy Wolf. My markings told anyone who I was... well because they're not normal.

Most wolves are black or grey furred, But me I'm white furred for some unknown reason. I also have yellow streaks down my back. But its ok. I mean I'm different.

But anyway I'de best be going.I'm heading down to the tavern to attempt to say hello to that new girl, I think her name is Elin....

The End

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