The Odd House Tavern

Inspired by a pub near where I live, its a collection of all sorts of stories from the characters you might find there


I was new to this apparently sleepy town. If anyone had walked pass me they would have seen a twenty-something, tall, slim girl with dark, reddish brown hair and striking green eyes. I wore black skinny jeans and a black band t-shirt in an attempt to blend in. Sort of. Though the combat boots didn't help too much.

Since it was late evening, I decided to check out where I would be working.

The Odd House Tavern.. interesting..

The name suited the pub. It was set down a funny, cobbled side-alley and was built from honey-coloured stone. The door was an irregular size. It was a quirky little building from the outside and suprisingly big on the inside. It was to be my workplace for the foreseeable future. I had to move around every five years or so due to what my closest friend called my "furry little problem". For anyone who knew, the wolf tattoo on the back of my shoulder marked me out.

After explaining to the boss who I was, I was put to work immediately behind the bar, in the perfect position to meet anyone who happened to walk through the door.

The End

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