Caeldrim: Aggressive Negotiations

Looking intently at the displays before her, the sensor operator suddenly turned and said, "Captain, there is another ship here.  It appears to be human in design, although it is not in our records.  They are trying to hide their magic emissions."

Rising from his chair, Captain Valarion ordered, "Battle stations!  Bring all weapons to full power and target the ship."

Turning to his communications officer, he ordered the human ship to be hailed.

"Captain, they are powering up systems," said the sensor operator.

"Human ship, stand down immediately."

Turning to his weapons officer, Valarion ordered a single warning shot just above the ship.  One of the primary Fire Bolt cannons sent a blast of sizzling energy flying just over the bow.

"That is the only warning you will receive.  As I am sure you are aware, we are out of your range, while you are well within ours."

"We will not leave ourselves completely defenseless.  Our weapons and shields will not be deactivated.  We are not going to attack you."

Valarion thought for a moment, then said, "That is a valid argument.  Make no threatening moves, however, or you will be fired upon.  Now, what were you doing trying to hide your emissions from us.  That seems like espionage to me."

The End

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