Beginings of conflict


Solar edge

Captain Chase Greenwood sat somewhat uncomfortably on the edge of his seat. He had finally came into range with the elven space ship Caeldrim. The Caeldrim given the chance could easily destroy Captain Chase Greenwood and his cruiser without working much of a sweat. So Captain chase had every right to be on the edge of his seat, especially the delicacy of the ship and its mission.  It was easier seen on paper then actually done, The elves severely disliked us taking readings on their technology , and especially from their newest ship the Caeldrim. Still Chase's superiors  insisted they do so despite the risks.

"Captain, their shields are hard for us to get any information from the ship, could we boost the magic?" Says our science officer.

" I suppose but be careful to not add much more, I think I speak for everyone when I say w would rather not be detected by the elves."

"Agreed, I will be sure." She says confidentially. Captain Greenwood felt unsure about his choice as allowing to be the science officer she came off as overconfident, and reckless to him, still she was very skilled.

"Captain it appears the planet that the Caeldrim has began to orbit is emitting large  amounts of energy, indicating a large Oberon deposit."

"Really now?" Greenwood reply's,"We must notify senate immediately. Lt. Commander Violet, can you split the efforts of analyzing the Caeldrim, and also analyze the planet."

"Yes sir, but it will make our mission take longer, and if the elves pick up on our scanners, we will be detected."

"The risk is worth it, the profit is to great as well as the reigns of power could easily fall into the hands of whoever stakes claim to this planet." Greenwood assert his authority.

"Yes sir." Violet the science officer replied.

As these decisions were being made the speed moving towards the Caeldrim and the Oberon planet were carefully monitored with the amount of magic that was be output. As the Solar edge got closer the narrower the margin of error got. Behind captain Greenwood Silver and black doors slid opening as the chief engineer stepped on the command deck.

"How are things in the engine room?" Greenwood asks.

"Fine but we are beginning to shut down more important systems to avoid detection, but to not appear on the radar of the elves we have to time it correctly or the sudden drop of power might bring attention to us."  The engineer Explains obviously pleased with his knowledge of technology. The Captain nodded, and looked at the screen beginning to see the planet. The doors opened again as First officer Robertson stepped with an air of authority and intimidation especially from the weapon he carried on his belt which was an antique sword forged from Oberon alloy which took so much care and work that the manufacturing of the blades were scrapped for a more easier process.

" Sir I looked at our unfinished blueprints we've got from our agents that were overlooking the Caeldrim, I suggest we stay at a distance their range of detection is incomparable to any other race standards as well as improved technology might easily pick up a shutdown magic core."

" Thanks, Commander. Chief engineer  Carp and Lt commander Violet should we pull."

"Sir we're being hailed, we've been detected." The communication officer says.

"To late, Power the ship up now get begin charging the weapons but make sure they are not charged up enough to give out the wrong message. Besides I think Elves would rely on diplomacy first then weapons." Greenwood says without hesitation.


The End

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