The New Oberon Colony

Fantastic races battle for control of the largest Oberon deposit ever. Oberon is a highly magical substance that is essential for life among the stars. Word spread quickly that it had been discovered in enormous quantities, and every one wants it for themselves. Which race will win?

"Captain to the command center.  Repeat, Captain to the command center."

Aramyl Valarion, captain of the Elven battleship Caeldrim, rose from his desk and walked from his office.  Taking a lift to the command level, he walked onto the bridge of his ship.

One of the bridge guards saluted and said, "Captain on the bridge."

"As you were, men.  What is it, Thaedras," he inquired from his First Officer.

"Captain, we have detected massive amounts of magic energy being emitted from a nearby planet.  The readings show several large deposits of Oberon.   I believe it is in our best interests to go forth and have a look."

Thinking intently for a moment, Valarion responded, "Proceed.  I want good information to send to the High Council.  If the levels are as great as you describe, then we should begin colonization immediately, before someone else discovers it."

The End

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