"Ugh... how long do we have to wait here?" Alex asked the others. He was feeling rather uncomfortable, and being stuck in a stuffy room with other people wasn't making the feeling easier.

"As long as it takes. We need to be here in case something goes wrong." Soren responded.

"And what will we do if something goes wrong? My specialty isn't healing... am I here just in case some nasty monster pops out of him?"

"That's about right." Jon responded, without hesitation.

"Good to know my talents are appreciated."

Just then the door opened and in came Gwendolyn and Amos. Alex practically started grinning from ear to ear. Gwen smiled back.

"Feeling better, honey?"

"Uh-huh." Gwen responded.

"Sheesh we have a large group..." Amos responded.

"So... now what?" Gwendolyn asked.

"We wait." Soren replied.

"Huh... anything you want me to do?" Gwendolyn asked.

"Nothing comes to mind."

"That's it, I'm done." Alex responded flatly. "Gwen, we'll wait over here and play a game. Anybody want to join us?"

"Alex, you aren't taking this seriously!"

Alex blinked, and gave a wry smile. "What else is new?"

The End

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