Access: The Shared Dream of Bindbreakers

"Make sure you stay safe in there, Keane." Soren said as he took a seat on the floor of the guest bedroom. "We'll need you when this is over."

"Don't worry about it." Derrick tried to smile at Soren before turning to the young physician holding Nox's hand. "Vilki, speak the words that will get us in. As long as all each of us has a hand on Nox, we should be drawn in alongside you."

Vilki nodded. "Alright." she said, her voice low and thick with worry. She began to whisper as if to herself.

Derrick felt his eyelids begin to droop and motioned for Roland to put a hand on Nox's arm. Roland knelt down beside him, grabbing Nox's left wrist as he did. He soon seemed to be sleeping. Derrick glanced around the room to see Delta and Artorius asleep next to Vilki, each with a hand lain on Nox's right arm. Uther Elhawk was at the foot of the bed, his hands wrapped around Nox's feet.

Before he lost consciousness, he saw Vilki lay her head on the edge of the bed, a tear rolling down her cheek.

 When he woke he was lying on a gray plain, the main support members collapsed nearby him.

"Wake up. Wake up!" Derrick jumped to his feet and began shaking Roland. "Wake up, Roland, we got through!"

"What?" Roland mumbled "Where. . .how? The physician got us into Nox's mind? Why are we in this sort of place?"

Derrick shook his head impatiently. "This is Nox's mind. It's the best way our minds can jointly project the state it's in right now. Like the six of us are sharing a dream. Picture a line of people whose heads are connected by rope seeing as one, but being able to move and act independently and-"

"You lost him at jointly projecting, Lord Keane." Uther Elhawk sat up, rubbing his temples. To his left, Vilki sat up and raised her arms, stretching. "The young guardian is not of our science."

"Yeah, but at least people do more than tolerate me." Roland snorted.

"We must be moving forward." Artorius announced. He was already on his feet. "The bindbreaking must be done quickly."

"He is right. We must reach the center of the slave's mind as fast as we can." Delta reached out a hand, and Artorius pulled him to his feet. "Lord Keane, Physician Vilki?"

"Just Vilki is fine." the beauty corrected gently. "We're not in the palace courts."

Derrick and the others got to their feet.

"We'll go straight ahead." Derrick announced.

The End

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