Thomas: This Means War

After I left the infirmary there was a great flash of light, a beam shot straight up into the sky. It was a beautiful sight to behold. But after that there was a crash and much destruction. I moved my arm in front of my face to brace myself and attempted to stand against the blast of magic.

 I run, trying to find the others and help protect the city. While I am searching, I see Derrick, Jon and others standing around a body lying on the ground. Roland sees me and waves.

"Hey, what's going on?" I ask.

"Well, this fellow exploded energy and he's sealed to servitude by some evil people. So, we are all going to break his seals and free him from oppression."

I nod, understanding. "But, wouldn't whatever evil thing is keeping him sealed try to keep us from sealing him?"

At that moment what looks like lightning missed striking one of the team members. I turned around to see a man casting spells at the group.

"Alright Roland, I'll handle this, you guys unseal that guy."

I smile as I jump and use water to boost me up, creating the illusion of a super jump. I see the man in a black robe with thousands of runes and symbols on it sitting cross-legged, hovering above the ground, as he whispers incantations to himself.

"Would you like to tell me your name?"

He opens his white eyes and stares at me, "Why should I tell you, you won't live to remember it."

He jumps up, extremely high; I follow pursuit. In the air we duel. I draw my katana with my right hand and with my last move water around. He creates a book out of pure energy and holds it in his hands. As he reads the spells out of it he casts several high level magics I had never seen.

I laugh, in anticipation for the battle awaiting. "You should tell me your name, I might let you live."

"Land a blow, make a scratch if you can, then I will tell you my name."

Then I move to attack him. The spells he speaks create swords, spears and many other weapons that block me and attempt to attack me. Luckily, I fight back with water and my katana. This back and forth goes on for about ten minutes. Then, whether by skill on my part, or a mistake on his, I scratch his left hand with my blade. He stops and out of honor, so do I.

"You cut me." He whispers, "You actually laid a blow."

I smile, a little breathless, "I guess I'm not as weak as you thought I was."

"My name," he whispers, "My name is Runtan."

I nod, "Then prepare to die Runtan. Or at least be distracted long enough for my friends to unseal that slave and help me."

When he realizes that I am a distraction, keeping him from his goal, his eyes turn red and glow. He begins speaking rapidly, but he is speaking two different things at the same time. I reel back at the mass of creations spawning around him and start the battle another time. We fight for the next five minutes into a stalemate. Then his eyes turn orange, then yellow, then green, then blue, then purple, and lastly black. Then he begins to speak, and I can barely catch the things he speaks. He is speaking eight different things at the same time. His incantations are spoken at such a fast rate, an army of sword, spears, birds, dragons, and many other creations come and attack me.

"You've obviously never fought a stream before!" I scream as I attack and use water to destroy his many creations. "You can't win!"

He casts many creations into existence, but my sword and water continuously destroy them.

"When a rock is placed in a river, it does not stop the river!" I grit my teeth as I scream it out. "The river goes through it!"

Then I throw my katana and push it along with a jet of water. All my force and thought go into that jet as a thousand swords and spears, birds and dragons, slice, claw, peck and breath fire at me. The katana goes through his book, ripping it in half and then it impales him. Runtan gives a scream as he plummets to the earth, his creations disapating as he loses life. I am also weak and therefore fall from the sky. I attempt to cushion my fall with water and it works, barely. Then I use all my force and will to stand up and take the three steps over to the body of Runtan.

I grasp my hand around the hilt of the katana and yank it out, falling over backwards with the exertion. I fall, knock my head, and all things go black.

The End

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