Meeting the Forest Witch

Amos directed Gwendolyn down the hall. "The others are this way. We'll be there shortly." Amos was supporting Gwen as she walked, as she had yet to recover enough strength to walk straight.

"Thanks. It means a lot to me." Gwen replied, trying her best to conserve her strength. She had a feeling she would be needing her magic soon.

"So... your name is Gwendolyn Winterhaven, huh? Such a pretty name. It suits you." Amos said, an obvious pass at her. Gwen smiled regardless.

"Yes. That's my name. I was one of the mages who helped defeat the old order." She replied.

"Really? Cause this is first time I've heard of you." Amos raised an eyebrow.

"Because unlike most of the others, I didn't take a position of power. I saw no reason to. I had done my job and only wanted to return home. I got married soon after that."

"Huh... I see..." Amos seemed disappointed at hearing Gwen was married. "Still, I would think they would give you some of the credit."

"They did. It was the other magister families that ultimately had my name stricken from history, only to be replaced by the title I was given. The Forest Witch."

At this, Amos stopped and started laughing, trying and failing to keep it under control. "THE FOREST WITCH?! Oh, come one, that's just a fairy tale. You mean to tell me that you're the Forest Witch?"

"I'm clinging to you trying to regain my magical strength. Trust me when I say this... I am who I say I am."

"I just find it a little far fetched."

"Think whatever you want. To be honest, it's better than some of the opinions I've had about me. My husband defends me like the knight that he is, and my friends support me, but the other magister families only see a freak whenever I walk onto the grounds. They only leave me alone because my husband is always very close to me." Gwen smiled.

"And... who is your husband?" Amos was almost afraid to ask.

"Alexander Gerard Kahner... the Black Knight."

Amos blinked. "You must be quite the girl, to snare him."

"It was more like he enchanted me. He is quite the gentleman towards me..."

"From what I've heard about him... you are so lucky to have him as an ally. I've seen what happened to some of the idiot hotheads in our group who got drunk and picked a fight with him... every single one returned home with a broken jaw."

"That's my husband." Gwen chuckled. "Though I'll keep him in line if he tries anything."

The End

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