The Serendipitous Surprise

"It concerns all of us." Derrick replied distantly. "More than you know."

"I suspect that he has something to do with it." Jada gestured to Nox. 

Derrick nodded. "You'll recieve a full explanation later. For now, we just need to get this over with.  I want Roland with me for this, anyway, so it's convenient. Kathering, you're late." he added.

"Sorry." Kathering replied. "Roland got us lost."

"I did not!" Roland protested. "You followed those-"

"Okay, enough." Derrick stepped between his two comrades. "We're going to get started. Jada, finish explaining the roles."

"Alright." Jada agreed, squaring her shoulders professionally. "Lord Keane has formidable experience with seals, so he will have the most contact in Nox's mind. He will have at least three main supports who will enter with him including my brother Delta." she nodded to Delta, who came forward and whispered into her ear. 

"Are you positive?" Jada whispered back.

Delta nodded. 

Jada nodded back and squeezed her brother's shoulder before announcing, "The main supports for Lord Keane while he attempts to initiate the bindbreaking will be Guardian Grey, Artorius, Master Elhawk and Physician Vilki, along with my brother."

A small gasp was heard from among the palace physicians.

A very beautiful young woman, obviously Vilki, was pushed forward from among the physicians, her large eyes brimmed with tears. "Why me?" she asked.

"My brother says you would be an asset. He says you are experienced." Jada replied.

"He has no idea what he is trying to accomplish." Vilki drew herself up to her full height and looked into Jada's striking eyes. "I've seen Nox's mind. I've known him for a long time. It's like a maze in there. I nearly died once trying to get through."

"But still you are here." Delta countered, surprising everyone in the room by raising his voice above a whisper. "You are perfect for this. You shall be the main support. You know a way in, yes?"

Vilki closed her eyes. Derrick came close to crossing his fingers in the hope that she would agree. "Please." He said, moving to stand beside Delta. "If you help us, it's possible that we can break his seal and place a stabilizing one on him so that he doesn't harm anyone unconsciously. We may be able to help others because of what we learn."

"I never said I wouldn't do it." Vilki replied. "But it's difficult for me to see him like this. We tried many times to unlock his mind, to see if we could uncover the gaps in his memories. He was lucid right before the-"

"You!" Elhawk exclaimed. "You were there when the cripple broke into my house. You saw his metamorphosis."

"Yes, Master Elhawk, I was." Vilki replied. "Nox is a patient of mine. That is why I was called here. I was looking for him when I came across your home, I knew something was wrong." 

"Since when was he your patient?" Elhawk countered. "He worked at the Academy."

"He may have worked there, if only to buy himself bread. Many of Former Magister Arkham's experiments are patients of my physicians." Jon interrupted. "You remember when you were offered to be taken care of, to have your former magical capacity restored? It was an order made by me personally. Nox must have been one of those as well."

Vilki shook her head. "He was in recovery when I met him, but for something else. It was before I worked at the palace. Can we please just do this?"

"Yes, can we please get this over with?" Soren echoed. "There are some of us who cannot be here for too long. Miss Typhaeus?"

" Yes, the inside team." Jada replied, picking up where she left off. "The main supports will be my brother and Physician Vilki. Guardian Grey, Master Elhawk and Artorius will be secondary supports. The five of you will be able to see what his mind looks like. The rest of us will be providing them with support from the outside using our energy, magical ability and knowledge.

"I will have direct contact with Delta, and therefore be able to tell you all who needs support and where, what sort of barriers we will have to face. Lord Keane, would you please explain the nature of the seal we are trying to break?" she asked.

Derrick spoke,"The rest of the outside team will help us decide how to overcome these barriers be they mazes, walls, or safeguards such as mental attacks engineered by the brand's users." he explained. "Seals are not easily broken at this level. If this goes wrong the inside team could be hurt, or Nox could be even more damaged.

"One half of this seal was placed on each of his wrists. At level eight, he has no memory of or control over his actions. Should any of us be attacked, it will not be his fault. He will probably be very confused and upset when he wakes up, so the outside team will have to leave the room immediately excepting Jada and the king. Does everyone understand the potential roles and risks they make have to take as members of this medigius?"

A chorus of agreement was sounded throughout the room. Derrick looked around to see his support team already standing by Nox, Vilki holding his hand and staring at him sadly.

Derrick took a deep breath and walked towards the bed and knelt down beside it, placing one hand on Nox's shoulder. He felt Roland's hand on his shoulder, and turned back to look at him.

Roland nodded, a simple gesture of support, which was all Derrick needed.

"We are ready when you are, Lord Keane." Artorius intoned solemnly. 

The End

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