Roland: Hide and Seek

By the time I arrived at Derrick's estate, I was bone tired. First, we had run all the way to the city center, weaving around the crowds of people that had also gone out to see what had happened and others that had decided to flee. It was a madhouse, and it took twice as long as it should have. When we reached the sight, I had asked a man what had happened, and he told me that Derrick and Alexander had picked up a man vaguely resembling Nox. We then had to walk around and ask a dozen people, all giving differing accounts, before we could figure out where they had gone.

Out of breath, I simply showed my crest and said my name in answer to the servants' entreaties. I walked into the room with the most commotion and tapped someone on the shoulder.

"What is going on?" He just stared at me, and I realized that I had walked in on the middle of a woman's speech.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"His name is Roland Grey. He's with me." Derrick walked up to me. "How did you get here?"

"We walked." I gestured to the two guards and Kathering.

The woman's eyes narrowed. "Well, this meeting does not concern them."

"It concerns all of us," Derrick replied, eyes distant. "More than you know."

The End

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