Fading Memories

Darkness…light…darkness…light…darkness. Below was a whirlpool of raw energy, his core was in turmoil, it was unraveling. He was at the edge of sanity another step and all would be lost. Images flashed rushing up, he tried to seize them, his fingers passing through as they vanished…he could not lose himself, those memories held him together. All those he had tried to unlock were escaping and he could not hold onto any, all his efforts for nothing. Finally one appeared an image he could not lose; he groped for it, almost tangible. It slipped away, Nox drew from that core and he leaped for a memory so treasured. He held it and relived it.

He heard the loud footsteps pounding towards the archives, the door banged open, in front of him stood a student and the head of the medical mages Vilki.

“This there a particular book you need so bad Vilki that you came in such wicked hours to my chambers?”

The mage look at the student, eyebrows rising.

“He was all shaking, I tried calling him he couldn’t wake up” the girl went on.

The mage waved the girl away, then closed the door.”So now these are your new chambers?”

“Well no one else has claimed them yet, thought it was time I did that” Nox said

“I wonder how you live in such light forsaken places, are the trances getting worse?” Vilki said moving close to him. She looked at the book he held. “Mysteries to Mysteries, is that by Enimu the scholar? Troubling to get one’s mind around that one…you want to add a mystery to what little I already know about you” She said looking at him, a smile held at bay. Vilki moved and sat on a pile of dirty manuscripts.

His next read was on one of those she had sat on. She always tried to pry something out of him…always; strangely enough he sometimes liked it. What was he thinking she was his physician the only magi to take genuine interest in him or rather his condition.

She knew how uncomfortable he got with her close, yet she took every moment to torment him. It was made worse by the fact that even the average woman didn’t spare him a glace yet here she was…a beauty. Damn! What was he thinking about?

 “What do you want Vilki” He asked

“I was called” She said

He looked at her, held her eyes, “I don’t believe you” He said

 “Okay, I found the girl running towards the medical quarters, that’s how I ended up here? Are they getting worse?”

And there he had though he could avoid her.

“I am as a healthy as any normal man, physical attributes aside” he said putting the scroll aside.

“I have no doubt Nox, not even one. But it takes time to heal. Maybe we should try another mind scan”

“No! The last time you almost died…I can’t”

“I had gone in blind…” she quickly said “I thought you were like others…you know held by him, most held by him never regain themselves. I am prepared; I have secured my own mind all the necessary wards. That’s the mistake I made, now I know better…I have been researching” She gripped his hand. “Please”

This time he did not pull back, even if they all had different reasons for letting the contact continue.

“You know I do this because I care about…”she didn’t complete

Nox pulled back his hand, his hands had begun shacking…she always caused that, she saw it too. She moved and surprise him with a hug…was this how all physicians behaved with their patients? Nox closed his eyes and held back the urge to draw energy, she was just too close, her pulse was too close. No not her.

“I care…I really do, your mind is unique, if you let me we can approach…”

“No! Vilki, my mind is a trap, not only to me but any who try to probe” He found himself hugging her back. "The trances, they happen when I am in the maze"

"A maze! What maze?" Vilki said, she had pushed back and was now looking at him, her words voicing her worry,

She had no idea; his mind was a maze of eight smaller mazes. Each sealed with a trap, she was not the first to try, it had taken all his will for her to escape and  regain herself...yet it had been the first maze, just a glimpse of it had almost cost her life some had not been that lucky. His mind was a battle ground; he had weakened the first five just in case she tried again. 

The End

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