Hero or Monster

Alexander heard the screams of the citizens when he finally made his way outside. He blinked, watching the civilians flee from danger.

"What is going on here?" Alex stopped one of them.

"It's a monster!"

"Is that so? Could you point me in the direction of it?"

"Are you insane?! Why would you want to know WHERE it is?"

"As the Black Knight, it's my duty to know where the enemies of our kingdom await." Alex responded, staring down coldly. The man in he was talking to shuddered, the Black Knight's reputation being very well known within the kingdom as one of the King's most dangerous enforcers.

"That way, sir."

"Thank you. Please, get to safety. I will deal with this." He drew his sword and charged in the direction the citizen pointed towards.

As he ran, his thoughts drifted towards his expecting wife, who lay in bed, dreaming peacefully. And one, overriding objective drove him onward: to save his wife, he will become whatever he needed to be, be it a hero or a monster.

He arrived at the location, and saw the monster in question. It look surprisingly human, but muscular and dark skinned. He noticed that one of the knees were shattered, but he seemed familiar somehow. He then looked and saw Derrick Keane standing his ground, but there was a look of desperation on his face.

"Lord Keane!" Alexander called out, running up to him. Derrick looked at him and gave an almost exasperated smile.

"I never thought I'd be so glad to see you." Derrick responded.

Ignoring the humor (most likely used by Derrick to keep himself calm in this situation), he put his hand on his eyepatch, ready to tear it off and release the full extent of his dark power. "Sir... I await your command."

The End

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