The Finaly Sign - Nox

Nox watched Uther's smile vanish as the man fingers tighten around the book. You were supposed to be with the others not home.Uther tried more spells, they sparked to life then floated to Nox, the look on Uther’s face went from shock to resignation.

The light started shooting randomly, Nox was losing control. He needed to release it; the damage would probably blow off the whole neighborhood.

A new face soon joined Uther at the broken window. It was Vilki.

“Nox!” She exclaimed.

“What?” Uther seemed stunned, “is that the creepy cripple? Even locked up Arknam still haunts us”

She moved closer hands placed on the broken window frame. “Nox, you do not have to do this…he has not been fair to you but it doesn’t have to be this way” The assistant medical mage pleaded. She was the last person he wished to be here.

“He is not after me Vilki, he is after Greaves works, the one person you were worried about protecting is actually responsible for the destruction of all Libra…”


“I can not stop it…” Nox found himself saying, each word preceded with abolt of light making him sound louder than he intended.

“You do not have to obey Nox, please stop this.” He noticed new faces coming out from the nearby homes, in the rainy night all eyes were on sparkling figure hovering above the ground. He felt his grip on this power slipping, all these people would be gone, he felt a compelling force to destroy the book, but Vilki was here; with her dead he would have nothing left, they had taken away his life, books, would they take away the only other thing he actually admired?The bolts become more violent, he hated crowds and yet here he was like a lamp in the dark for all to see, he could end it all. He found him self floating higher, “I am sorry…”

“Damn you, you were getting better…please Nox …” He saw her tears, was she crying because of him or because of her patient? Such eyes were not meant for tears. He wanted to tell her but at this stage if he so much as opened his mouth, he would lose control.

Every thing with an ounce of energy was responding, stirring towards the figure floating in the street, the winds were speeding towards him, the gravitation forces were responding to his call, objects started rising, the clouds started converging, some in the crowd started casting offensive spells at the Nox but these too used energy, and hence abandoning their casters.  Uther tried to cast but the figure was sucking anything that used energy, adding his enemy more sources of power, what happened when all the basic sources of energy ran out? To answer his question some in the crowd started fainting, soon the whole streets were being illuminated in sparkles of lightening. He found himself shouting at the people below to flee, they started rushing about, but it seemed they were on light feet the forces of gravity were abandoning their domain, soon even heavier objects were floating.

Too his side Vilki was crying, “We were progressing well…we were” He should have guessed, she was the reason Nox had actually been allowed to stay in the academy. For medical reasons she claimed. Up to him all thing related to Arknam should have been destroyed. In the room the tables were beginning to stir, the books and other objects floating out as well.

"Spare you tears for humans Vilki...not abominations"

"It's because of people like you that..." Her eyes opened wide staring outside. Uther turned to see. Nox shot up, like a ray of light, high up the city of Vastom; shoes, papers all light fragments shot after him. Uther knew this was more than just drain magic, there was more here, he should have had a keen interest on the cripple. Below, people were able to step firmly on the walk ways.

 The sky of Vastrom was bright with a single source, it kept swelling and surging, soon a huge ball of lightening was afloat. Everyone in the city should be able to see this, they should be here soon, from the guards, council member all able bodied magicians. Then it exploded, the blast was heard in every tiny corners of Vastrom but not even that was a mystifying as radiance that characterized the sparkling explosion. Soon a small human like thing could be seen falling from the sky.

Some where in the Leech alley hooded figures were peering at the skyline like most of the citizens lining the roof tops of Vastrom. Laughter cracked from the lead figure, high pitched and merciless in its execution, it spread through the Leech alley. For the figure knew what most were dying to know, this was the final sign before the monsters were aroused. 

The End

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