The Fire Mage - Nox

Nox leaped to the side. How was he to make it out of here alive? Quickly he compressed balls of energy and shot them towards Uther.

“Seriously this” Uther laughed as he waved them away. Soon fire was heading towards Nox. Quickly he had a shield up, but it was too fragile, he had to insert some of his life force to harden the shield, the force from Uther’s attack sent him sprawling across the room. Then the mage moved, Nox threw a punch, Uther met it with an arm covered with fire.

The pain seared Nox’ arm, he released energy that hit Uther on the chest and moved him back.

“Desperate are we?” The man said calmly for one in battle. Damn, you think me one of your students.

As the battle enraged, he managed to land his bare arm on the mage's neck, he tried to tap into Uther's  life force but that never lasted, Uther was soon covered in flames. The flames seemed to have awareness of its own as it only burnt when in contact with him otherwise it just passed everything in the room like a wind.

“Drain magic, no wonder” He watched the fire disappear from the man’s arms and lightening edge in. He had heard of Uther fierce battling skills, most still whispered of his battle with Lord Derrick, but now he was to be testimony, lightening at the man’s figure tips and a wall of living fire around them.

He had to be gone. He sensed increased energy concentration, he drew the energy from the fire but it had a resistance to it, rejecting his call. Nox watched in amazement as lightening rebounded from his weakening barrier, he tried to maintain the shield but his body was drained, he wouldn’t last. He needed more energy to escape.

As Uther moved closer, Nox let the shield dissipate, moving energy from his legs to his arms as he punched, the mage was slow to block it.  Then he saw Uther smile with a knowing smile as he closed in, the mage’s left hand pointed at his chest. “Nice to battle you stranger” Then lightening struck.

Nox created an energy barrier but it was too late, the excruciating pain, as he shoot out of the window.The pain drove his weak self into a protective shell and the need for preservation kicked in, desperately he harnessed the winds, and created an energy plate he landed on, he looked at the blazing lights, an essence of energy, he summoned it. It  tried to cling to its master to no vail, the flames disappeared around Uther and leaped to him in form of magical energy, Uther took on a serious look. “You shouldn’t have fallen off, now your time ends” then the man looked at the rumbling sky, it still rained. Nox watched the man’s lips move silently, then he felt the power directed at  him, an enormous source, he didn’t have to look to know the attack was from above, Uther had summoned lightening from the skies.

He had no time to react; he just opened himself to it. It rushed to him, an inferno. Everything else ceased, it roared to him demanding to be embraced, he couldn’t deny it. After what seemed like an eternity, he opened his eyes. His clothes had turned to ashes his skin was emitting intense sparks; the lightening was residing in him and his to control.

The End

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