Power Corrupts

Alexander sat by Gwendolyn's side through out the entire session, even when Gwendolyn slept so that she would not notice any pain. When the doctor finally left, Alex let out a sigh and he stared at the face of his wife. She looked content, at peace. And for a brief moment, Alexander was filled with envy.

He stood up and kissed her gently on the lips. "I'll be back soon. I'm just going to check up on the others."

He stepped out of the room and began to walk down the hallway when suddenly he felt a presence. "Who's there? Show yourself!"

"My, my, my... the legendary Black Knight, said to be the mightiest enforcer of Lord Pelaster's rule, reduced to a simpering child at the thought of his wife suffering... how pathetic..."The voice was cold, cruel, but oddly enough, familiar. Alexander couldn't place who's voice it was, but for some reason he knew that voice.

"Where are you?!"

"You mean you've forgotten? Was it not I who gave you the power you now wield with such terrifying might, when you were born with no talent at all?"


"No... not Arkham... the man is nothing more than a fool playing at being God. Such an utterly wretched man he is."

"I don't understand... just who are you?"

"I guess you are still deaf to my voice. My words will not reach you. But in your most desperate hour, when you have lost all hope... I'll be there, whispering in your ear, and I will give you purpose." With that, the presence vanished.

Somehow, Alex had fallen to his knees, and was sweating profusely. "What... what... what just happened? What was that? I don't understand..."

He stood up and wiped the sweat from his brow. "Ugh... how annoying. Well... may as well check up on Derrick."

The End

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