A Strange Bargain - Nox

‘’Yes, it’s one of his weakness, but that will not be a problem”

“What? Seems to me he is more of a burden. Not as formidable as you led me to believe.” Reshy’s shorter companion said.

“But he is more than just….”

“Tell me Runtan, what good is a magician with no knowledge of the simplest spell; we need someone to bring chaos at the heart of the underground, not an experiment” Reshy turned to leave, his companions remained put.

“Reshy! Wait, you do not understand, Arkam himself...” 

“Then I am disappointed. You said he killed Giltrox. Any among us could have done so with the simplest of efforts”

“Then choose one of your best…to face Nox” Runtan stressed, it sounded like the man had his life on the line which could be the case with the aura Resy’s companions seemed to emit.

Reshy paused and turned, a smiled teasing the sides of his lips.”Don’t sound so desperate Runtan, it’s bad for business. Well then, if he stands against the weakest among us then probably he is worth another look”

Runtan got out a small scroll with unsteady fingers wrote a spell, Nox felt his body deciphering the spell, weaker than his primary master’s, but still a command spell. His sight became blurry; skin warm suddenly in front of him stood essence of energy that made humans what they were, oh! The man Reshy was right their magical pulses were way over Giltrox. But still the same; at the core of it all every pulse was a concentration of energy that made magicians what they were.

“If he lives, we have an agreement Runtan” Reshy said moving a step backward.

“Let’s go some please suitable” Runtan said looking around.

“No! Here and now” Reshy barked

“But…okay.” Runtan replied. Then “Te’Nox” he added.

This brought laughter from Reshy and his gang. “Hurry and get this done with. We have territory to acquire this night” Reshy commanded.

“Let me have the pleasure Reshy” the broader one among the gang said moving closer.

Nox watched as the man’s pulse rippled, the man raised his fingers as his core pulsed he was about to sermon his magic when Nox set his receptors into motion, his opponent was too slow, he lashed out gripping the man’s stretched arm, it withered on contact, the man brought out his other arm by instinct to protect his face Nox had given the impression he would attack next, but instead his left hand connected with the magician’s, it too fell to the side.

“Enough! “ He heard someone shout, but that would be contrary to the command spell. He watched the man’s eyes bulge, Nox linked to the man’s mind, connected to his core, singled out the energy following to his legs, he snapped at one, the man’s left leg buckled and now they were looking eye to eye.

“Reshy…help…Reeeees” Those were his last words as Nox’s fore head met his in a loud explosion of displaced magic and harnessed energy. The two men remained looking at him, none sure of approaching, from the sides he noticed Runtan stance regain a little edge to it. Reshy bent and touched his companion.

“I have never seen such unrefined use of magic, from the looks of it probably drain magic, but this crude…Damn! Himol owned me a drink this night” Reshy’s other companion said.

“Are you sure of your spell of total restrain?” Reshy asked, hard eyes drilling into Runtan.

“Of course, Arkam gave me every single drip of ink on it” Runtan replied though he too seemed unsure at the moment.

The End

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